Car And Bike Insurance Groups

When getting prices for insurance, one of the things the company looks at the the vehicle you're insuring.

This is a sliding scale from 1 to 20, with a car like a 998cc Vauxhall
Corsa at the lowest group; insurance group 1, a mini cooper convertible
higher at group 9, and pretty much every Ferrari up the top at group 20.
Bikes have a very similar system.

There are several things need to be taken into consideration when assigning a group:

1. The price of parts, as if there is an accident, it will affect how
much the company needs to pay out to repair your vehicle. Also if a
vehicle is difficult to work on, making repair times longer, this will
also tend to increase the group.

2. The security fitted to the vehicle. More security, less likely to be
stolen, less likely for the insurance to need to be used, so therefore a
lower group.

3. The cost, quite simply because if the car is written off, and it
needs to be replaced, the higher costing vehicle, will have a higher

4. Look at a 1 litre car to a 3 litre, obviously the larger engined car
would have a more expensive group. Overall acceleration and top speed
are also taken into account.

5. Desirability, 2 very similar cars, might have 2 completely different
groups if one of them has a history of being more attractive to car

So before you jump in and buy your car, do some research on the costs of
insuring it first, and look at similar cars that might save you
hundreds of pounds.

Key Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rate Part. 3

Only some things have the potential for sending your car insurance rates
through the roof than traffic violations and past accidents. This is
the place where data from about all car insurance providers shows the
same tendency: past deficiency points increase the likelihood of a
future claim. So, a poor auto

driving record will brings your premiums up.

It's a slippery slope once you have lost demerit points or had negative events (accidents).

Why? Because insurance companies note you with ‘high risk’ attribute and
choose not to insure you. Often times its best fight traffic tickets in
order to keep your insurance rates from jumping. The amount of points
on your record and their recency will influence your rates.

But, the good news is, as time progresses without infractions, their affect is going down. I mean, their affect will decline.

You province or Territory

Geography is considered a key factor that can influence auto insurance rate

because the roads in an amount of areas is more crowded than others. The
bigger number of the cars whose implication in traffic grows the
traffic accessibility, the greater likelihood of a collision – and that,
in turn, suggests a potential claim.

Moreover, an amount of provinces and territories may experiences a higher rate of auto theft than other.

As such, this factor will be notified and, in conclusion, it will raise
the prospects of future claims from those who live in such areas.

Guide to UK Car Insurance

Getting insured for your car is like a spaghetti junction - which way’s home?

Make the right turn - compare quotes!

There are tons of car insurance policies to suit your pocket. As a tip,
its worth bearing in mind that shopping online for car insurance can
save you thousands of pounds compared with obtaining quotes from call
centres. Simply key in your details!

Guide to Compulsory Excess and Voluntary Excess

Its bad news if you’ve had a road crash and even worse luck if you’re required to pay Excess or Total Excess Insurance.

You’ll find that Excess and Total Excess Insurance consists of two parts.

Compulsory Excess

This is the amount the insurer expects the policy holder to pay.

Voluntary excess

This is the amount the policy holder volunteers to pay.

In principle, its possible to set your voluntary excess to £0, however,
as a hint, your premium will be less expensive if you choose a higher
voluntary excess.

In the UK, there are three main types of insurance to choose from: Fire
and Theft, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive.

Third-party car insurance

Third-party car insurance is the cheapest form of car insurance and will only provide ‘basic cover’ to remain legal.

If you’re involved in an accident or cause an injury, this insurance
will only pay for claims made against you, costs for repairing or
replacement of the other person's car.


You won’t be covered for damage to your car or a replacement car if you car gets stolen..

Third-party, fire and theft car insurance

Third-party cover, fire and theft car insurance will protect you in the
event that you’re involved in an accident, cause an injury or cause
damage to the claimant’s car. This insurance will also pay for fire
damage and costs related to your car if its been stolen.


You won’t be covered for damage to your car caused by an accident.

Fully-comprehensive car insurance?

Fully-comprehensive car insurance includes the widest cover to protect
you and your car if you’re involved in an accident or your car’s stolen.
Advantages of fully-comprehensive insurance include cover for cost of
repair or replacements if your car’s involved in an accident whether or
not you’re at fault.

Fully-comprehensive car insurance - Additional benefits

Additional benefits include medical expenses and personal belongings.

Car Insurance – Your Guide to Save Money!

Whether you own the latest luxury limo or third party banger, it pays to
get the best deal by pre-planning, reading the smallprint and shopping
around for the best deal.

As a general rule of thumb;

A car alarm or fitted security device could entitle you to a discount

Check terms. Read the small print for add-ons before purchase. Do you

really need that courtesy car?

Add your spouse - you may be entitled to a discount

Off-road parking entitles you to a discount - look for a garage

For a reduced premium, downsize to an older car

Deborah Harris

Car Insurance in USA

Q: I am visiting the USA for three months this summer and was
wondering if I would need to purchase a policy for this brief time?

While it is unlikely you will be buying and registering a car for your
brief visit if this is your plan you will need to purchase car insurance
in the USA. If you are staying with friends or relatives it is unlikely
you would have to purchase insurance for your visit, unless you wind up
staying longer than your original plans called for.

If you are
planning on renting a car we highly recommend you buy the optional car
insurance coverage. Why get embroiled in an international lawsuit just
to skip paying the relatively cheap rental car insurance.

Since we
are not a lawyers, and don't pretend to be, we recommend that you
consult with an attorney before driving in the United States as
licensing may also be an issue. If a lawyer is too costly you should
call the Department of insurance for the state you will be visiting and
just ask them.

Car insurance in the USA is a complicated issue as
each state has their own specific requirements. We hope that we have at
least put you on the right track.

One thing that we strongly
recommend doing is shopping around for car insurance rates online. The
Internet makes it extremely easy to compare quotes and to ultimately
save money on your annual auto insurance premiums. Don't make the
mistake that many drivers are guilty of, which is simply jumping on the
first quote they're given.

Car rental USA and Insurance

If you are from the UK and intend taking a fly drive trip to the USA
it is best to be familiar with the insurance cover provided by the large
rental companies such as Alamo.

many countries it is required by law that the car insurance must
indicate unlimited third party coverage. In the USA this is not the
case. Each state in the USA establishes a minimum level of coverage
required by law and this may be as low as US$5000. When you book car
rental in USA through Alamo you will have third party cover of
US$1million plus S$1million to the driver and passengers in the rental
vehicle against death or injury caused by the driver of another vehicle
who is under insured, uninsured or who commits or drives away from the
scene of the accident.

Carefree Personal Protection Insurance
knows as (PERSPRO) is not included in any car rental quote and is
entirely optional. It is available locally for an additional charge.
This cover is for accident indemnity, accident medical expenses and
emergency medical evacuation, death and dismemberment, repatriation of
remains and personal effects. This would normally be covered under your
personal holiday insurance. You will need to check your personal holiday
insurance prior to departure and if you are already covered you will
not need this additional insurance offered at the rental depot.

do take time to read the small print that will be part of the local
rental agreement as your insurance can become void if for example you
drive on unpaved roads, drive under influence of either drugs or

USA car insurance

know most people prefer cheap USA car
insurance. If you are one of them, there is no need to worry too much
about where to find one. The Internet is the only tool that you need to
take you to the best insurance deal there is. One search can provide you
with thousands of results.

for the cheapest USA car insurance quote does not need to be time
consuming and tiring. Like what I said, the Internet can provide you
with an endless list. But do you really just want to look at the cost of
the car insurance that you are going to buy? Should you not take into
consideration other factors such as the quality of customer service? I
know price is the most important deciding factor here, but let us not
forget that there are also crucial things that you should reflect on.

are many online insurance companies today that can offer you affordable
US insurance deals. However, many of them are newbies in this field.
They do not have enough experience in the ins and outs of the insurance
industry, so it might be very risky to do business with them. The worst
thing that can happen is that they might not be so reliable if ever you
need to file a claim for your stolen car or if you got into an accident.

is advisable that you check out the more experienced companies first.
Try those that have been in the business for several decades. They
definitely are

When looking for a USA Car Insurance
[] be sure to list your requirements and
check out these companies.

International Auto insurance USA

n today's world-wide marketplace, businessmen need to conduct
transactions and address business concerns regarding foreign countries,
requiring trips and accommodations abroad as an accepted part of their
work. International visits can be short or extended, depending on the
reason for the visit. Longer stay, of course means more expensive and
more extensive living arrangements, commodities, and also the purchase
of international insurance. For shorter visits you may also need a new

important to procure proper insurance, such as international auto
insurance, when your current insurance company won't cover you abroad.

people, especially working people, consider personal transportation to
be a necessity. These people do not want to squander time or money by
utilizing unfamiliar local transportation that is not covered under
insurance and cannot ensure protection. If you are renting an auto,
buying a vehicle, or moving your own car to a different country, you
will definitely need the right car insurance to cover the whole process,
which based on the local driving law and regulations on insurance.

though coverage requirements and laws are different for each country,
you can easily purchase quality international auto insurance. You can
purchase additional coverage in the country you are traveling to.

while being abroad, international auto insurance will normally provide
you with enough coverage, some countries, like Mexico for example,
require you to buy a specific insurance in the country itself.

should also get additional international auto insurance as a vehicle
passenger, which you will most likely find yourself as at on point or
another, especially those that will cover medical costs in cases of
accidents or personal bodily injuries. Taking a cab can end up costing a
lot more than just the fare and tip in some nations. There are many
countries, like Korea, which do not require limousine or cab companies
(or anyone else for that matter) to carry insurance on the passengers.
This means, that if you are the passenger, in an event of an accident
the driver is not required to pay for your medical expenditures. It is
best to additional insurance as a passenger just to be safe.

Your firstcar in usa - insurance

Your mobility depends too much on your possession of a private
vehicle. You may go for a car, motorcycle or truck as your own vehicle.
But due to severe weather conditions in many regions it is not a good
idea to depend on motorcycles all the time. It is also not a good idea
to have a truck or SUV as they drink lot of gas and the maintenance is
high. Somewhere in the middle and perfectly positioned vehicle for Desi
would be a car. There are various types of cars to suite your need.

What you should have

If you are a single man and do not depend primarily on your car for commuting to your work, then go for anything as you wish.

are coupes which have capacity for 4 persons but only two big doors.
Primarily these cars are designed keeping in view for two, driver and
one passenger. The other model is the sedan which has capacity for 5 and
has 4 doors. This can also be called a family car. Depending on the
size of the car, they are categorized as Compact, Mid-sized and Full.
Compact cars are very small in size and have a good mileage per gallon
too. Some manufacturers even make two seated compact cars. The power of
the compact car is also little less than the cars of other categories.
There are other cars that have powerful engines and are rated as sports

On the contrary, if you have a big family and need more
space in your vehicle, then go for van/SUV. But I wont suggest this idea
to people who have just come to US, before/after marriage and don't
have any kids.

Besides, it is always your dream and desire that
makes you to go for a particular type and model. But before deciding
upon something, you must give a thought to the other factors like, the
mileage, sitting capacity, transmission, trunk capacity, engine power,
ease of driving/safety, interior, power doors and anti-theft devices.
Also your affordability plays a major role in purchasing a vehicle.

you have a driver license yet? It is most important to have one before
going for a vehicle. Various states have different rules for issuing
drivers license. You can logon to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
sites to know about the pre-requisites and methods of getting one driver
license for your state. Normally it involves a written examination,
minor vision test and a road test.

The never-ending comparison

you have to decide whether to buy a new car or a used car. I wont
suggest you any thing or force you to go for what I think is right, but
you must know the good and bad things involved in each.

Used Cars

* They are cheaper.

* They may be old.

* They might have more than one owner.

* They could be purchased from private parties or authorized dealers.

* They might have gone through serious maintenance/repair in the past.

* They might have gone through an accident in the past.

* Some parts/components are just about to die.

* There may not be enough warranty/guaranty on some expensive parts.

* The mileage may not be good.

* They may need more maintenance.

* They may not be reliable for long drives.

* Resale may be a headache.

New Cars

* They are not cheap.

* They are covered under manufacturer/dealer warranty.

* Their fuel efficiency must meet the specification.

* There is the satisfaction of owning a new car.

* Easy to get a finance for new car than a used car.

* No need to worry about the engine, body, suspension, tyre, batteries and interior conditions.

* Insurance premium may be higher.

* Can only be bought from an authorized dealer.

are many other things that can be discussed as advantages and
disadvantages under both the headings. However, I don't want to focus on
them right now. If you are convinced to buy a new car, then go for it.

Your target

it is the time for you to decide the Make, Model and Type of your car.
In US you will find hundreds of Make and Models (no Hind Motors/Maruti
cars of course). From a Desi prospect I would say it is better to start
with Honda/Toyota/Nissan. These Japanese car manufacturers know our
requirement and never ditch us on the highways. The engines are good and
prices are low. They run long enough before giving up. The life of a
Honda/Toyota is considered to be 300K miles. But the look and interior
designs are not at par with the American/European cars.

Buying a New Car

a cup of coffee, chat with your friends and go through some reviews
before you decide upon the make model and color of your first dream car
in USA. Check for the existing/upcoming models of your car by logging
onto the sites. Select the color and interior and look at the car
through the simulator. The most important thing that you must consider
here is that, when the next model is going to be released. If it is very
soon, then don't go for it, because after you buy your car, you will
see the newer model in the market and the resale value of your car will
fall drastically.

Cars with automatic transmission and power
window have good resale value. ABS and anti-theft devices are added
advantages. Leather interior is as per your wish.

Now you have all
the details in your mind and the budget is also finalized. Next step is
to study the finance market and look for the bank/credit union who
gives the best APR. Also don't forget to decide upon your auto
insurance. Find out a good insurance company and try to get a quote from
them. The premium varies from place to place. With all these things set
up, go to the Auto-Mall of your city. Go for a test drive for the car
you have already decided. Beware of the car sales representatives. They
will always try to sale you the most expensive car they have. But you
shouldn't deviate from your decision. Try to bargain with them for a
possible reduction in their margin and ask for extra accessories.

is the status of the loan? Have you arranged one or you want the dealer
to make some arrangements for you? Always try to bring down the APR. If
you are very new to US and don't have any credit score, you may not get
a good APR. However, dont worry about the APR right now. You can always
refinance the loan with a better APR after you buildup the credit
history after few months of repayment of the loan.

Once the deal
is final, you need to sign some papers and then provide the Insurance
details if you have. Otherwise, you could also provide the insurance
agents phone number and the sales representative will talk to the
insurance agent to get the car insured before leaving their premises
(dont worry too much for the insurance premiums now, it is important to
get your car insured before you drive out of the dealers premises,
however you can easily change your insurance later, if you find a better
one). In case you didn't get any insurance, you can always go for
binder insurance, but they are quite expensive, but you can always
cancel them in the middle once you establish your insurance with
somebody else and get the refund for the unused portion of your premium.

next thing is to make the financial paper work. You will be guided to
the dealers accounts department and one of the accountants will assist
you in finalizing the loan and payment for the car. At that time they
will try to sale an extended warranty for another 3 years after the
manufacturers warranty. It is you who will decide for that. Don't listen
to them, but evaluate it being unbiased. They will try to sale so many
other things like paint guard, gap insurance etc. I would suggest not to
go with all these things except paint-guard.

After everything is
over, they will apply for the vehicle registration/license plate to DMV
on your behalf and give you the temporary ownership license (stuck to
the windshield of your car). As far as I know, they wash the car and
give you a full tank as a compliment before you drive your car back

New cars don't give you much trouble as long as you do all the regular oil change and maintenance in time.

Buying a Used Car

cars are good but not as new cars. They are much cheaper than the new
cars, but at the cost of your peace of mind. You can buy used cars from
either a private party or from any dealer. Here also you have to decide
your budget and the make, model and year of the car that you need. Also
the other main factor is the odometer reading.

There are many
sites that give you the links for used cars for sale. You can also refer
to the local news papers for any such advertisement. There are places
in some cities where people come with their cars for auction/sale. Since
you are new, don't go to such places. Rather get contact information
from news paper ads or internet. Get the details of the car like make,
model and year of the car, miles it has run, condition of batteries,
tires and engine condition etc.

Now go to Kelly Blue Book
( or Edmund ( and try to evaluate the car.
KBB will ask you some question depending upon the private trading or
buying from dealer. After you enter data about the private trading car,
it will show you an approximate value of the car.

Private Party

you are buying a used car from a private party, then you need to be
more cautious about certain things like, the engine condition, the body
condition, the interior and the accident/maintenance history of the car.
Don't go for cars that have already run almost 300K miles (for Honda
and Toyota). You can start locating for used cars for sale from various
sources like, news papers, local ads and internet. After locating the
availability near your place, prepare your matrix.

* Call each of them to fix an appointment for trial.

* Get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from the owner.

* Check for the approximate cost of the car using KBB or EDMUND sites.

* Compare the advertised price with the approximate cost that you arrived at.

Use the VIN to find out accident/maintenance history from
and check for any major incident. There will be a registration fee for, go for the one month pack.

* Talk to a mechanic for
pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. Mechanics charge around $50 per
car. It is better to go to some brand names like Pep-Boys. They are good
and reliable, but you may need to take an appointment beforehand.

Go to the owner, see the car physically (for any visible dents, body
color, torn airbag containers and interior) and then drive it with the

* Take the car to the mechanic and have it inspected.

(All the cars need a timing belt replacement after running for around
100K miles, so if the car is around or over 100K, then you need to
figure out if the timing belt has been replaced, this information could
be obtained from the CarFax report too. One thing you must remember
that, in US, the auto spare parts are not that expensive, but the labor
charge to install them is too high.)

* The mechanic will give you a
report, in which it will indicate the current condition of the car and
what needs to be fixed with a rough estimation.

* Check for the vehicle registration, is it current?

* Is the vehicle smog certified?

the Kelly Blue Book report, CarFax report and the mechanics report, you
can have a good bargain with the owner. If you really like the car and
every thing looks OK to you, then start bargaining. Don't focus more on
the tires/batteries, they are not that important as the engine.


you have decided to buy the car, talk to the owner about the payment
and mode of payment (check or cash). The owner has to give you a pink
slip indicating that you paid for the car and it is yours now. He cant
simply lodge a complaint with the police saying you have stolen his car.
It is his duty to inform the DMV office about the sale and transfer of
title. You should also apply to DMV for transferring the title to your
name. For registration, you will need the pink slip, the insurance (get
one immediately) and smog certification. After you apply for the
transfer of the vehicle registration into your name, you are the proud
owner of the car.

It is too cumbersome to buy a used car from a
private party, sometimes it is too risky and in all the cases it is damn
cheaper. For some unlucky guys it might have resulted in spending huge
money on maintenance the next day. But it is not always true. However,
you are supposed to visit the mechanic frequently and spend lot of time

Buying from Dealer

The next best thing that you can
do is to buy a used car from a dealer. It may not be as cheaper as
buying from private party, but 100 times more reliable. Even some
dealers give warranty on the used cars they sale. They buy the used
cars, clean them up, do a thorough checking of the engine and repair any
damages, dents etc before putting them on sale. You don't have to take
the car to a mechanic for inspection, worry about the smog
certification. But never forget to check the approximate price through
KBB and have a CarFax report handy before making a deal with the dealer.
Normally, good dealers don't keep cars for sale that have any major
issues like bad accident history, salvaged title etc.

Go to the
dealer, talk to the sales representative about your purpose. He/she will
show you all the different used cars they have that fits your
requirement as well as your budget. Once you have selected the model,
make and color, go for a test drive (don't forget to check the odometer
reading). If everything feels OK to you, then go to the dealers office
and access their computer to logon to KBB for approximate pricing as
well as to CarFax for accident/maintenance history for that car. Some
dealers even do this for free. Now with all these things handy, start
the bargain. You must always consider the worry free deal with the worth
of the vehicle you are paying for. You may end up paying a little more
than that of a private party deal, but there wont be any worries after
you buy the car. If there will be any problem with the car (which is
covered under warranty), you can always comeback to the dealer for
having it fixed for free. The dealer may also arrange a loan for you and
take care of the other formalities like title transfer etc. You will
save a lot of time/worries in this. Time is important and costly in this
country. So it is your call again.

After you finalize the deal,
it follows the same process as a new car purchase. So finish all paper
work and drive the car safely back home.


* If you own
an old used car that needs maintenance and the mechanic gives you a list
of jobs to be done, then do all of them once. That way you may save a
lot of labor charge.

* As per my experience, buying a new car is
always better than buying a used car from a dealer and buying a used car
from a dealer is always safer than buying a used car from a third

* It seems to be a huge amount in the beginning to buy a
new car. But if you compare the money spent for new (repay the loan) and
used car (repair/maintenance), then over a period of 3 years they will
almost equate with each other. So, why not to enjoy the ride of a new

LosAngeles Car Insurance

Los Angeles car insurance is the ultimate provider of security
for the various kinds of losses that one's car can suffer. Since car
insurance is so easily available in Los Angeles, one can protect his or
her own car which is for most people a major investment.

insurance protects people against loss of or damage to their vehicles.
Los Angeles car insurance quotes are provided by various insurance
companies. The same car can be charged wildly differing rates based on
which company you go to, so the car insurance rates provided by the
various companies becomes a major factor in the choosing of an insurance

After one chooses a policy, various insurance companies
credit one's car insurance usually at a constant rate per annum for the
purpose of insuring the vehicle. This rate may differ from state to
state. But one should always be careful about the advantages and
disadvantages of such auto insurance policies. It is not always
conducive for all the people to fulfill the financial formalities of
these car insurance rates. Sometimes it may happen that some people may
find it difficult to get premiums at the rates put by the companies. In
such cases, one has to be aware of the car insurance discounts available
in Los Angeles. These rates are often softened by the insurance
companies by certain mishaps as per their terms.

These rates are
also subject to deduction, by which these rates are often lowered by
giving all the benefits to the owners of cars.

Los Angeles Car Insurance
provides detailed information on Los Angeles Car Insurances, Los
Angeles New Car Insurances, Los Angeles Car Insurance Quotes, Los
Angeles Used Car Insurance and more. Los Angeles Car Insurance is
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The All state car insurance

Having a car insurance coverage helps protect the people and
things that are important to you from unforeseen liability. All state
car insurance refers to a car insurance that provides insurance cover
across the United States.

state car insurance safeguards your investment in your car, pays for
medical expenses in case of an accident, provides financial protection
from lawsuits and covers losses caused by the drivers. All state car
insurance also covers the financial damages in case of theft, natural
disasters etc.

Vehicle insurance coverage helps you to meet
whatever might be coming down the road with a greater peace of mind.
Remember, however, not all coverage are the same.

In many countries it is compulsory to purchase car insurance before driving on public roads.

All state car insurance can cover some or all of the following items:

The insured party

The insured vehicle

Third parties

Comprehensive All state car insurance:

1) Protect yourself and others from the liability coverage's

2) Liability Coverage: It helps protect you for damages to others if you're at fault in a covered accident.

Medical Payment Coverage: The coverage helps provide payment for your
reasonable and necessary medical treatment for bodily injury caused by a
covered accident.

4) Under insured/ Uninsured Motorist Coverage:
The coverage helps protect you for covered damage caused by drivers who
don't have auto insurance or don't carry enough auto insurance.

5) Car Insurance Property Coverage: Protect your car with property coverage.

6) Collusion Coverage: It helps pay to repair or replace your insured car after an accident

Comprehensive Coverage: This type of Coverage helps pay for covered
damages to your insured car resulting from a peril other than a
collision, such as theft, windstorm or flood, to name a few.

the United States, generally the insurance covers claims against the
policy holder or any other operator of the insureds vehicle. It is
necessary for a family member to be added to the policy when they
achieve driving age. Liability insurance generally does not protect the
policy holder if they operate any vehicles other than their own. When
you drive a vehicle owned by another party, you are covered under that
persons policy.

There are many companies and insurance agents who
provide all state car insurance. For obtaining a car insurance, the
policy holder has to pay a periodical premium (a fixed amount of money)
to the company.

Keith George always writes about valuable news & reviews. A
related resource is All State Car Insurance

Car Insurance Online

The enormous advantages that the Internet has to offer have
prompted car insurance companies to advertise their policies online.
Initially, car insurance was available only through a car insurance
agent. The process was tedious and time consuming and required immense
paperwork and assessments. This factor alone has made a large number of
people opt for online car insurance.

insurance companies now offer online services that have made it very
easy for clients to acquire information they may need. Car insurance
quotes and auto insurance claims can be obtained or filed at any time of
the day. Online car insurance helps provide interactive and spontaneous
customer care, rather than wait on the phone line for long periods of
time. Insurance companies are using this medium to sell car insurance

Opening online accounts with car insurance companies is
also proving to be beneficial. In case clients misplace an insurance
card it is possible to simply acquire a printout of the original copy.
Car insurance online accounts with existing insurance providers puts an
end to storing piles of insurance paperwork. Online car insurance even
allows people to receive updates and file claims whenever needed.

insurance online sites have gone a step further by making the online
experience easy and user friendly. Car insurance terminology and
verbiage may be difficult to understand. Most car insurance online
services are aiming at providing simple and understandable information.
Online car insurance allows customers to learn about various types of
auto insurance coverage, limits and deductibles.

Certain states
even allow people to purchase a car insurance policy online. These
methods are considered to be safe since most Web sites use secure
connections. This prevents outsiders from attaining personal information
about a prospective client. However, it is important to realize that
car insurance online is at times only a part of the entire process. Car
insurance online often complements and eases the car insurance

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Cheap car insurance in California

The state of California requires that all drivers carry car
insurance; as a result, there are many drivers who are looking for cheap
car insurance and many companies willing to supply it. Drivers who do
not have their cars insured are subject to civil penalties. In
California, un-insured drivers who are involved in accidents may even
lose their license. California drivers are also required to have proof
of car insurance on them whenever they are operating a vehicle. A ticket
can be issued if a driver cannot produce proof of insurance when
requested to do so by someone in authority. Given the strictness of the
California statutes, it is important for any driver looking for cheap
car insurance to make sure that when he/she purchases a policy it meets
or exceeds the state minimums.

state car insurance minimums are $15,000 for the death/injury of one
person in an accident and $30,000 for the death/injury of all the people
involved in an accident plus an additional $5,000 of insurance to
compensate for property damage. While a person may fulfill this
obligation by posting a cash deposit or surety bond with the California
State Department of Motor Vehicles, it is far easier to buy a cheap car
insurance policy. However, it is important when purchasing cheap car
insurance to make sure to deal with a reputable company.

There are
other important considerations when deciding whether or not to buy
cheap car insurance. Cheap car insurance is generally suited to those
who drive old vehicles, don't drive a great deal and are of limited
means. People who own late model cars and use them a lot should not
skimp on insurance. The same is true of people who have significant
assets. Bear in mind that significant assets does not mean that a person
is a millionaire. All of a person's assets (including future earnings)
can be at risk as the result of a car accident for which the person at
fault is not sufficiently insured. Also, cheap car insurance may not
cover a person in the event that his/her vehicle is damaged or destroyed
by an un-insured driver or a hit-and-run driver. Cheap car insurance
almost certainly will not reimburse a person for towing charges or for a
rental vehicle while a damaged car is being repaired.

All cheap
car insurance companies are not created equal. In the state of
California insurance companies have the right to charge premiums based
upon their loss histories; thus, different companies may have different
rates depending upon the payout expenses they have incurred. Therefore,
when searching for cheap car insurance, a person should compare several
area companies. It is important to make sure that the companies being
compared are compared with the same policies. This ensures that a
decision is made based on the reputation of the company, rather than the
policy differences.

The California Compulsory Financial
Responsibility Act mandates that all persons operating vehicles within
the state must carry a certain minimum level of insurance. Possible
civil penalties for disregarding this law should convince a person of
the need to be properly insured. Many cheap car insurance policies will
meet these minimum standards. When buying cheap car insurance, however,
it is smart to understand the risks inherent in buying this type of
policy. Remember that with insurance the wisest course a person can
follow is to buy the most expensive policy within his/her price range.

Changing Your Current Insurance Into Cheap Car Insurance

Are you tired of paying expensive monthly premiums on you car insurance?
You do not really have to suffer the inconvenience of paying costly
monthly car insurance premiums. If you take a look around, you will find
that there are many insurance companies that are offering very cheap
car insurance coverage. You can even find most of these companies

No, these cheap car insurance companies are not fraudulent and they are
not scammers who are out to divest you of your hard earned money. Most,
if not all of these insurance companies that are offering cheap car
insurance policies are legitimate. In fact, thousands of people who are
using the services of these companies are satisfied with their services.

Yes, you may not really find all the features of your expensive car
insurance policy in any of these cheap car insurance policies but the
good news is that all of the necessary features of car insurance can be
found in these cheap car insurance policies.

Reducing Your Car Insurance Premiums

If you are not really comfortable about switching to other car insurance
companies, you can still reduce the amount of your monthly can
insurance premiums by renegotiating with your present car insurance
provider. Before you start renegotiating with your car insurance
provider, you need to upgrade the security features of your car.

You can considerably lower your monthly can insurance premiums by
ensuring that you car is safe from theft. Most new car models are
already equipped with anti theft devices so if your car is new, you will
not really have many problems in this area. On the other hand, if you
drive an older car which do not have a built-in anti theft devices,
consider installing an anti theft device in your car.

Another way to reduce your monthly can insurance premiums is to reduce
your mileage. Can insurance companies will be more inclined to offer
your cheap car insurance premiums if your car mileage is low. To lower
your car mileage, check out the route that you take when going to work

As much as possible, you should take the shortest route. Taking the
shortest route possible will not only save you some money on your
monthly insurance premium, it will also allow you to save on gas. Just
think about all the money that you can save on gas daily if you take
sometime and find the shortest route to the office.

Getting Online Vintage Car Insurance

Although some people are involved in the restoration of vintage cars as a
means of business, the greater driving force behind many of those
involved in this industry is their great passion. Their primary source
of joy is to see a vintage car come back to life.

Many people strive to own a vintage car as a sign of some unique kind of
prestige, particularly when you consider how involving it is to
maintain such a vehicle. However, owning such a car is not just a matter
of having the necessary funds. You need to be passionate about vintage
cars in the first place.

The restoration of a vintage car requires a great deal of patience. It
requires delicate skill and a lot of determination. Although restored
cars are usually displayed at car shows, some owners will drive them
occasionally. However, some people will just keep them carefully in wait
for the appropriate shows. This should not take you with surprise as we
have already said that restoring such cars is quite an involving
undertaking. It requires a lot of money and time in order to be done
successfully. Risking its destruction or theft is hence quite a high
price to pay. Which is why it is important for you to take an insurance
when you have such a prized possession.

Vintage car insurance is not the same as that of the ordinary cars.
Contrary to what you may think, it is actually cheaper to take a
insurance than the normal one. This is due to the limited mileage
covered in addition to such considerations as parking garages. Another
factor that determines the price of vintage car insurance is the type of
car itself. If it is a rare model that is costly, the price of the
insurance too will be higher.

There are some things you should bear in mind before you take your the
insurance. For instance, you need to determine whether the provider
guarantees your car's valuation first. Otherwise you may discover that
your claim will not be accepted when the time comes. Of course you will
foot additional bills for such a valuation, but it is still a worthwhile

You will not find difficulties in getting a suitable vintage car
insurance, as they are readily listed in vintage car magazines or yellow
pages. You can then get in touch with the relevant providers either by
visiting their offices or placing a call.

However, these two options have their respective drawbacks. You may need
to make several phone calls and then comparing the quotes will be
difficult. And speaking to an agent may make you make a commitment
before you do enough research. So, you can instead do your search online
more conveniently and quickly.

How To Find The Best Car Insurance Quotes

There are quite a few things that anyone can do to get the best car
insurance quotes and pay the lowest monthly premiums for their
automobile insurance. This article takes a look at some of the easiest
things you can do to lower your monthly auto insurance premiums.

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

First, you should not over insure an inexpensive car. If you own an old
inexpensive car and your monthly insurance premiums are more than 10% of
your car's value then you are paying too much for your insurance. You
should consider changing your coverage to "liability only" because doing
that will lower your rates.

How Good Is Your Credit?

Next, check your credit rating. If there are any mistakes on your credit
report it could be one of the main reasons why your insurance premiums
are higher than they need to be. When you find a mistake fix it as soon
as you can.

Are There Discounts Available?

When you speak to your auto insurance agent find out if there are any
discounts or promotions available. Often there are unadvertised
discounts available that you will have to ask about before signing up
for a plan.

For example, if you have taken a defensive driving course you might be
eligible for a discount. Or, if you have children who have GPAs of at
least 3.0 then you could be eligible for a good student discount.

Make Your Deductibles Higher

Your deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay if you
submit an insurance claim. One of the ways you can make your monthly
insurance premiums much lower is by raising your deductibles.

For example, by raising your collision and comprehensive deductible from
$200 to $500 you can potentially lower that part of your insurance
premium by up to 30%. And, if your raise the deductible to $1,000 you
could lower that component of your premium by as much as 40%.

Get a Number of Car Insurance Quotes Online

You can save a lot of money by shopping around. And, since the advent of
the Internet, it is very easy to get car insurance quotes from several
companies in a very short amount of time. You should probably get quotes
from at least four different insurance providers to make sure that you
are getting the best coverage with the lowest rates from the highest
quality company.

So, in addition to checking for the cost of the premiums, also look for a
dependable insurance provider who has a high standing and good, strong
history. You want to be assured that they will be there for you if you
need them. A.M. Best provides ratings of a lot of different insurance
providers, as does the Standard & Poor's website.

Getting Car Insurance in Los Angeles

The rising number of motorists on Californian roads makes it imperative for every auto-owner to carry a reliable and first-rate policy for car insurance. California car insurance regulations make it mandatory for all car owners to possess liability insurance. This takes care of the repair cost for the damages of the other driver. However, the person who caused the accident is left to take care of the costs for repairing his or her own car. In order to pay for these damages it is necessary to have a comprehensive and collision insurance. The regulations governing California car insurance does not make it mandatory for drivers to be covered by these insurances. However, it is a good idea to possess such insurances.

There is plenty of information available about Los Angeles car insurance on the internet. It is possible to get quotes from a wide number of auto insurance companies before one is ready to make a choice. It is important that one compares the rates being offered by the different companies. It is true that people are always searching for cheap auto insurance. However, one must be aware that Los Angeles, especially greater Los Angeles is among the few extremely expensive areas in the entire country, in relation to the average annual premiums that can exceed $3,000. This is much higher than the average annual premium in the state of California, which is a little below $ 1,800.

There are certain factors that can influence the insurance premium charged by the insurance company. People who have a clean driving record are more likely to be charged less for their insurance than those who have been involved in accidents in the past. Gender too may hold some influence. Men are commonly believed to be more reckless as drivers than women and so may have to pay more. Married people too pay less than those who are single. This is probably because it is generally believed that it is less likely that they will drive recklessly or be out driving late at night.

The insurance company can charge premiums annually, bi-annually or even monthly. Often if one is prepared to pay the premium for a longer time period, then the insurance company might be willing to lower the average amount. For example if one is paying $100 each month and is ready to pay for six months, then the company may lower the amount to $570.

There are several companies available if one is searching for a Los Angeles auto insurance. However, one can take the help of an insurance broker. He or she usually works for several companies and will be able to procure the best deal from any of these insurance companies. One can find out the details regarding the fees charged by the brokers on the webpage of California Department of Insurance.

After having procured auto insurance it is essential that one keeps in mind certain things. One must always report auto accidents to one's insurance company. Not reporting accidents can lead to unnecessary complications. It can even lead to a cancellation of one's policy.

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Car Insurance Claims in California

By law, every driver is required to prove financial responsibility in case of a car accident. There are several ways to do this: Make a cash deposit of $35,000 with the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles; Get a self-insurance certificate also from the California DMV; Obtain a $35,000 surety bond from a company licensed in California; and finally to purchase car insurance coverage. Most people opt for the last option.

For car insurance in California, the minimum liability requirements by the state is represented by 15/30/5. The first two numbers refer to personal liability limits and the third to property damage limit. This means that $15,000 is the limit per person per accident and $30,000 is the limit for the coverage for all the persons involved per accident. $5,000 is the limit for the coverage for the car/s involved. If the costs exceed these numbers, then the person deemed responsible for the accident will have to pay the difference in damages. Keeping the minimum requirements for an insurance policy may be good if you are a safe driver, but an accident can occur at any time, and you could end up paying dearly. Now you know why insurance companies often offer policies exceeding the minimum requirements of the state. It is to increase the coverage for claims when something unexpected happens. It is wise to consider all options and consult a California insurance agency when shopping for a policy.

If an accident does occur, your insurance company has 15 days to acknowledge your claim and send you the forms necessary to process the claim. The insurance company also has 40 days to either accept or deny your claim after it was filed. Once accepted, the company has 30 days to settle the claim. You also have the freedom to choose the repair shop where you can take your car; this is good because it allows you to shop and compare repair costs and get the best service for your vehicle.

In some cases, it may happen that you and the insurance company may have a dispute about the claim. For car insurance California, you can turn over your dispute with your insurance company to a third party referred to as the mediator. The mediator will work with both parties to try to reach an agreement.

If the amount for the claim is at least $7,500 and the disputed amount between the two parties exceeds $2,000 then you are eligible for mediation. Issues eligible for mediation include the following: amounts of damage, methods of repair, and cost of total loss. Issues not eligible for mediation include legal interpretations of the terms of the policy. You will not have to pay for the cost of the mediation as it is the insurance company that pays for it.

Here is the mediation process in a nutshell for auto insurance in California: You must file a complaint with the CDI (California Department of Insurance) who will notify the insurance company that you will be referred to a mediator if no resolution is reached within 28 days. Once you make the request to continue with the mediation, CDI will appoint a mediator to handle your case. Then there will be a mediation conference wherein both parties will strive to reach an agreement. If they agree they will sign a settlement. Otherwise, you may take other options available to you if you still want to continue with the dispute.

Scott Coleman is the owner of ThomCo Insurance Services, a full-service insurance agency specializing in high quality insurance services including home insurance, car insurance, life, health, business and farm insurance. Scott runs an office that is equipped with the latest in computer systems assisting both in record keeping and quoting to provide quick rate insurance comparisons.

Car Insurance - California, Do You Have Auto Coverage?

There's a long stretch of road between Redding and San Diego, California - which means many opportunities for unexpected auto accidents to occur. The Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco, for example, is a hotbed of confusion and congestion that travelers are trying to navigate and conquer.

Between the excitement of summer and trying to secure your vacation plans, preparing for an auto disaster is probably the last thing on your mind. But the summer heat and unexpected bumps in the road can both wreak havoc on your auto and put you in jeopardy if you're not prepared. If something happens while you're driving down that long California interstate, are you covered? Let's sift through your car insurance policy to consider your options:

What coverages are included in an auto insurance package?

When you purchase auto insurance, you usually have several options - you can purchase medical, liability, property and under/uninsured motorist coverage.

Medical coverage in an auto insurance package will take care of treating injuries to those in the policyholder's automobile. Medical coverage will be provided if the person is a passenger or hit as a pedestrian.

Liability is your financial responsibility to someone for damage you cause - whether the damage is to another person or to someone's property. When you purchase liability coverage, the insurance company agrees to defend you in court and/or reimburse the other party for damages you cause.

California state laws require motorists to purchase the following liability insurance amounts.

$15,000 - bodily injury liability for one person injured in an accident

$30,000 - bodily injury liability for all injuries in one accident

$5,000 - property damage liability for one accident

Covering property damage includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

Comprehensive coverage insures accidental damage to the auto including fire, wind, sleet, theft, vandalism and similar damages.

Collision coverage reimburses for damage caused by colliding with another object, regardless of who or what is at fault.

What happens if the person that hits you is uninsured or does not have proper coverage to take care of your entire loss? Purchasing uninsured and/or underinsured motorist coverage will cover both of those situations.

If you have not glanced through your auto insurance policy in awhile, it's time to consider reviewing it. The warm summer weather means your air conditioning will be running longer and your engine will be working harder. It's important to take time right now and make sure you will be covered if you find yourself stuck on that long stretch of California road between Redding and San Diego.

*Please note that this article is not a professional consultation. This article is for general information only. Always seek specific information from a licensed insurance professional.*

The Minimum Amount of Car Insurance Required

Many sites allow for comparison shopping to be performed as well, so quotes from many insurance sites can be obtained at the same time.

This will allow you to have a full list in front of you and visually see what each policy offers for the quoted amount. Once the questionnaire on the insurance company's website is filled out and submitted, it usually takes about 20 minutes for a quote to be calculated. After the quote is received, you are under no obligation to accept it unless you absolutely want to.

In California, the state law mandates that the minimum amount of accepted coverage is Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. The lowest amount for bodily injury must be at least 15,000 dollars for each injured person, with a total of 30,000 dollars for each accident. As for Property Damage, this amount cannot be less than 5,000 dollars. If a driver is in the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan, these limits are 10,000 dollars per person, with a total of 20,000 dollars for Bodily Injury and Property Damage must be at least 3,000 dollars.

If a person is found at fault for an automobile accident, then it is his/her insurance company that is responsible for paying out. This is the rule in California, but it does vary between each state.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage can be purchased for Bodily Injury, if this is a concern. This type of coverage will take care of some costs if the person at fault doesn't have insurance at all or if his/her insurance can't pay for everything. This isn't required by California law, but it is recommended.

Some insurance sites will give you the option to choose the minimum state requirements, which will save time on going through all the different policies. Whether you choose to go to an agency for car insurance California offers or to an online site, obtaining a quote is easy. Car insurance provides great piece of mind when driving on the busy highways and in jam-packed suburban areas.

Use of the California insurance worksheet can help you save money. When you head out to buy car insurance California residents, have that worksheet ready to use.

Tips on Ways to Save on Car Insurance

When you are looking to find NJ car insurance, there are certain
ways to save. Knowing this information is key when you want to find the
best and cheapest insurance that is out there. In addition, when you
know this information, it can help to save you time as well when you are
shopping around.

you are looking to buy NJ car insurance, there are three different
kinds that you will come across. The first type is liability and this is
the type that pays for the other person's bodily injury and any kind of
property damage when you are the person that causes the accident. In
addition, it will help to cover legal bills that you incur in the case
that you are sued.

In the case that you don't have a lot of things
as assets, in addition to not driving a lot, then this is usually the
best choice. The minimum amount that you are allowed to get according to
state law is $15000 for bodily injury for an individual and $30,000 for
each accident, then $5,000 for any kind of property damage. However, if
you have quite a lot in assets, then you are going to want to ensure
that you have enough insurance to cover your assets, so that you won't
risk them in the event that you are sued.

The second type is
personal injury protection, which pays for any medical bills for both
you and the people within your car, or within another person's car, or
within the case that you are walking. When you have medical insurance,
then you should only need the minimum amount of coverage. Now, the last
type is the uninsured/under insured motorist coverage, which pays for
any medical bills that you have as a result of someone that hits you and
is uninsured or underinsured or takes off.

Of course there is
still comprehensive and collision coverage within the state as well,
however this kind is not required. This type of coverage is the type
that will pay for close to anything, such as theft, disasters,
vandalism, etc. In most cases, you can save on this type if you raise
the deductible on the insurance. This kind of insurance will even pay to
fix your car in the event that you cause the accident.

Any time
that you want to save on NJ car insurance, the best way to do so is
comparison shopping. This is the only real way to find out if you are
getting the best possible rate. Doing so does not take a lot of time and
does not cost a dime and could even save you in the end.

Get the best insurance available when you read the New Jersey guides that are available today! You will want to be fully protected when you get you NJ car insurance!

Good Car Insurance in Your Area

The task of finding car insurance in New
Jersey doesn't have to be a complicated one. Though there will be many
companies that state they offer the best service and coverage, the key
is to get one that really suit your needs and budget. Do some proper
research first so you will not regret your decision. These are some
steps that you can take.

can start narrowing down your options by talking to your family,
friends, and colleagues. Find out what car insurance in New Jersey that
they use and whether or not they are satisfied. If they have had any car
accidents in the past, ask how helpful the insurance companies were in
dealing with the situation. If their experience was a good one, take
note the name of the company so you can more research.

The next
step is to list all the insurance companies that were referred to by
your family and friends. Look them up on the Internet or go to their
official websites. See what kind of services and coverage they offer --
you can then match them up with your needs. Look for online reviews from
other customers. People love to share their experience, good or bad, on
Internet forums. You can find many of the reviews by typing the
keywords in the search engine.

Once you see one insurance company
that ticks all your boxes, write down the information and call them
directly. Ask questions that the website may not have covered and get
clarification. Ask for special price and discount as well. Who knows,
you may get an even better deal by negotiating on the phone.

There you go -- some steps that you can follow to get good car insurance company in New Jersey.

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Benefits in Knowing New Jersey Car Insurance System

If you own a car and you want to settle in insuring it for future
purposes, then you might as well have heard of Car Insurance in New
Jersey if you are acquainted with United States. New Jersey is
implementing its car insurance system to facilitate in making the lives
of its people secure and to alleviate financial difficulties whenever
the need for insurance arises.

Jersey's car insurance system is renowned for insuring not only the car
of a policyholder but also includes personal injury protection. This is
a good pace and enables the citizen to be relieved of upcoming
financial constraints associated with unexpected circumstances such as
car accidents or injury relevant to the mentioned status.

State of New Jersey has revised its constitution through the Automobile
Insurance Cost Reduction Act, thereby implying that anyone who is under
the jurisdiction of this Act is entitled to a personal injury protection
of $15,000 per person, per accident. And a significant amount of
$250,000 is insured per permanent injury, which means that this is
granted to person or persons who are severely injured as declared by the
proper authority.

However, there is drawback to New Jersey's
Insurance System because this system does not include body injury
liability in its basic insurance policy. Applying for bodily injury
liability will place the policy holder to have $10,000 per accident for

These are facts on New Jersey insurance system which in
the previous years have worked well for the policyholders that have
religiously followed through with the revision of the Automobile
Insurance Cost Reduction Act.

When performing a search for Car Insurance Cheap quote be sure to list your requirements and check out the companies you ask.

New Jersey Auto Insurance - Why So Expensive?

Why do I need auto insurance?

you drive without New Jersey auto insurance, you face severe penalties
like suspension of your driving license, hefty fines, suspension of
vehicle registration, jail terms, etc. You also pay for lost wages,
pain, and other sufferings of people in case of any accident.

Types of New Jersey auto insurance policies

New Jersey auto insurance offers two types of insurance policies:

Basic Policy
- This low-cost policy is compulsory for all drivers. Although benefits
are few, you receive basic and minimum protection at affordable rates.
This policy is most suitable for new and young drivers.

Standard Policy - You receive widespread protection covering your assets but at higher rates than basic policy.

Coverage available under auto insurance

New Jersey auto insurance offers different coverage according to your policy.

Property Damage Liability
- When you cause any accident and damage other's property, you receive
$5,000 per accident coverage under basic policy but receive higher
coverage under standard policy.

Bodily Injury Liability -
This covers injury claims of people affected by your accident. Basic
policy offers an optional overall coverage of $10,000 per accident for
all affected persons. Standard policy offers coverage of $15,000 per
person for each accident and overall $30,000 for all persons in accident
with higher limits.

Personal Injury Protection - This
provides coverage for physical injuries to you and others under your
policy. Basic policy offers coverage of $15,000 per accident per person
with maximum limit of $250,000 for permanent injuries or other
specifically mentioned injuries. Standard policy offers minimum coverage
of $250,000 per accident per person and up to $250,000 for any
permanent injuries. You can select specific coverage limits under
standard policy.

Basic policy of New Jersey auto insurance does
not offer any comprehensive, collision, underinsured or uninsured
motorist coverage. Standard policy though provides optional
comprehensive and collision coverage and underinsured or uninsured
motorist coverage.

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What's The Difference With Antique Truck and Car Insurance?

What's The Difference With Antique Truck and Car Insurance?

It is difficult to define what antique means when dealing with insurance companies, and that is why it's a little difficult purchasing antique truck and car insurance. You have to make sure you have the auto insurance to meet your needs, although there are many companies that offer this insurance, you will have to put a bit of work into finding antique truck and car insurance that is right for you

There are two types of insurance you can find with antique automobile insurance companies and also classic collector auto insurance. The difference in the two of these is that most antique truck and car insurance doesn't allow the car or truck to be used for normal chores. Collector's auto insurance does, but only if you have a regular second daily car to drive and you can't use your collector car to go to or from work or to school.

In order to be eligible for special discounts on your antique truck and car insurance, your vehicle has to be defined as antique or vintage. It must be at least 30 years old. This makes life a bit easier for antique automobile insurance companies. As for other cars that arrived later and are loosely regarded as collectibles, then there is an auto insurance that can be obtained for these also.

There are a few ways to save if you're looking for antique truck or car insurance. Don't go for the full package of auto insurance if you're not taking your car on the road or if you don't use it at all and just have it for show. Although some antique automobile insurance is necessary you may not need all the auto insurance that you have.

To be sure of your needs talk to your automobile insurance company or check with several automobile insurance companies to make sure you are getting the best deal you possible can. You may end up with a discount depending on a few factors that could be the deal of a lifetime, so don't be afraid to shop around and find out what's out there for you that will meet your needs. Insurance companies can custom make a package for your antique truck and car insurance just for you.

There is antique truck and car insurance available, but only for antiques, and make sure that you know how you are going to use the vehicle.