New Jersey Auto Insurance - Why So Expensive?

Why do I need auto insurance?

you drive without New Jersey auto insurance, you face severe penalties
like suspension of your driving license, hefty fines, suspension of
vehicle registration, jail terms, etc. You also pay for lost wages,
pain, and other sufferings of people in case of any accident.

Types of New Jersey auto insurance policies

New Jersey auto insurance offers two types of insurance policies:

Basic Policy
- This low-cost policy is compulsory for all drivers. Although benefits
are few, you receive basic and minimum protection at affordable rates.
This policy is most suitable for new and young drivers.

Standard Policy - You receive widespread protection covering your assets but at higher rates than basic policy.

Coverage available under auto insurance

New Jersey auto insurance offers different coverage according to your policy.

Property Damage Liability
- When you cause any accident and damage other's property, you receive
$5,000 per accident coverage under basic policy but receive higher
coverage under standard policy.

Bodily Injury Liability -
This covers injury claims of people affected by your accident. Basic
policy offers an optional overall coverage of $10,000 per accident for
all affected persons. Standard policy offers coverage of $15,000 per
person for each accident and overall $30,000 for all persons in accident
with higher limits.

Personal Injury Protection - This
provides coverage for physical injuries to you and others under your
policy. Basic policy offers coverage of $15,000 per accident per person
with maximum limit of $250,000 for permanent injuries or other
specifically mentioned injuries. Standard policy offers minimum coverage
of $250,000 per accident per person and up to $250,000 for any
permanent injuries. You can select specific coverage limits under
standard policy.

Basic policy of New Jersey auto insurance does
not offer any comprehensive, collision, underinsured or uninsured
motorist coverage. Standard policy though provides optional
comprehensive and collision coverage and underinsured or uninsured
motorist coverage.


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