Car And Bike Insurance Groups

When getting prices for insurance, one of the things the company looks at the the vehicle you're insuring.

This is a sliding scale from 1 to 20, with a car like a 998cc Vauxhall
Corsa at the lowest group; insurance group 1, a mini cooper convertible
higher at group 9, and pretty much every Ferrari up the top at group 20.
Bikes have a very similar system.

There are several things need to be taken into consideration when assigning a group:

1. The price of parts, as if there is an accident, it will affect how
much the company needs to pay out to repair your vehicle. Also if a
vehicle is difficult to work on, making repair times longer, this will
also tend to increase the group.

2. The security fitted to the vehicle. More security, less likely to be
stolen, less likely for the insurance to need to be used, so therefore a
lower group.

3. The cost, quite simply because if the car is written off, and it
needs to be replaced, the higher costing vehicle, will have a higher

4. Look at a 1 litre car to a 3 litre, obviously the larger engined car
would have a more expensive group. Overall acceleration and top speed
are also taken into account.

5. Desirability, 2 very similar cars, might have 2 completely different
groups if one of them has a history of being more attractive to car

So before you jump in and buy your car, do some research on the costs of
insuring it first, and look at similar cars that might save you
hundreds of pounds.

Key Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rate Part. 3

Only some things have the potential for sending your car insurance rates
through the roof than traffic violations and past accidents. This is
the place where data from about all car insurance providers shows the
same tendency: past deficiency points increase the likelihood of a
future claim. So, a poor auto

driving record will brings your premiums up.

It's a slippery slope once you have lost demerit points or had negative events (accidents).

Why? Because insurance companies note you with ‘high risk’ attribute and
choose not to insure you. Often times its best fight traffic tickets in
order to keep your insurance rates from jumping. The amount of points
on your record and their recency will influence your rates.

But, the good news is, as time progresses without infractions, their affect is going down. I mean, their affect will decline.

You province or Territory

Geography is considered a key factor that can influence auto insurance rate

because the roads in an amount of areas is more crowded than others. The
bigger number of the cars whose implication in traffic grows the
traffic accessibility, the greater likelihood of a collision – and that,
in turn, suggests a potential claim.

Moreover, an amount of provinces and territories may experiences a higher rate of auto theft than other.

As such, this factor will be notified and, in conclusion, it will raise
the prospects of future claims from those who live in such areas.

Guide to UK Car Insurance

Getting insured for your car is like a spaghetti junction - which way’s home?

Make the right turn - compare quotes!

There are tons of car insurance policies to suit your pocket. As a tip,
its worth bearing in mind that shopping online for car insurance can
save you thousands of pounds compared with obtaining quotes from call
centres. Simply key in your details!

Guide to Compulsory Excess and Voluntary Excess

Its bad news if you’ve had a road crash and even worse luck if you’re required to pay Excess or Total Excess Insurance.

You’ll find that Excess and Total Excess Insurance consists of two parts.

Compulsory Excess

This is the amount the insurer expects the policy holder to pay.

Voluntary excess

This is the amount the policy holder volunteers to pay.

In principle, its possible to set your voluntary excess to £0, however,
as a hint, your premium will be less expensive if you choose a higher
voluntary excess.

In the UK, there are three main types of insurance to choose from: Fire
and Theft, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive.

Third-party car insurance

Third-party car insurance is the cheapest form of car insurance and will only provide ‘basic cover’ to remain legal.

If you’re involved in an accident or cause an injury, this insurance
will only pay for claims made against you, costs for repairing or
replacement of the other person's car.


You won’t be covered for damage to your car or a replacement car if you car gets stolen..

Third-party, fire and theft car insurance

Third-party cover, fire and theft car insurance will protect you in the
event that you’re involved in an accident, cause an injury or cause
damage to the claimant’s car. This insurance will also pay for fire
damage and costs related to your car if its been stolen.


You won’t be covered for damage to your car caused by an accident.

Fully-comprehensive car insurance?

Fully-comprehensive car insurance includes the widest cover to protect
you and your car if you’re involved in an accident or your car’s stolen.
Advantages of fully-comprehensive insurance include cover for cost of
repair or replacements if your car’s involved in an accident whether or
not you’re at fault.

Fully-comprehensive car insurance - Additional benefits

Additional benefits include medical expenses and personal belongings.

Car Insurance – Your Guide to Save Money!

Whether you own the latest luxury limo or third party banger, it pays to
get the best deal by pre-planning, reading the smallprint and shopping
around for the best deal.

As a general rule of thumb;

A car alarm or fitted security device could entitle you to a discount

Check terms. Read the small print for add-ons before purchase. Do you

really need that courtesy car?

Add your spouse - you may be entitled to a discount

Off-road parking entitles you to a discount - look for a garage

For a reduced premium, downsize to an older car

Deborah Harris