Key Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rate Part. 3

Only some things have the potential for sending your car insurance rates
through the roof than traffic violations and past accidents. This is
the place where data from about all car insurance providers shows the
same tendency: past deficiency points increase the likelihood of a
future claim. So, a poor auto

driving record will brings your premiums up.

It's a slippery slope once you have lost demerit points or had negative events (accidents).

Why? Because insurance companies note you with ‘high risk’ attribute and
choose not to insure you. Often times its best fight traffic tickets in
order to keep your insurance rates from jumping. The amount of points
on your record and their recency will influence your rates.

But, the good news is, as time progresses without infractions, their affect is going down. I mean, their affect will decline.

You province or Territory

Geography is considered a key factor that can influence auto insurance rate

because the roads in an amount of areas is more crowded than others. The
bigger number of the cars whose implication in traffic grows the
traffic accessibility, the greater likelihood of a collision – and that,
in turn, suggests a potential claim.

Moreover, an amount of provinces and territories may experiences a higher rate of auto theft than other.

As such, this factor will be notified and, in conclusion, it will raise
the prospects of future claims from those who live in such areas.


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